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c_mobile_home_electric_ramp_deck_5x200You want to get a quality ramp for your mobile home, with the limited space that exists, we will build your ramp to make it safe and functional. The accessibility of your home for disabled and injured guests can be a challenge without a ramp. A sloped driveway and small steps to your porch can cause problems for anyone in a wheelchair who wants to enjoy an afternoon on the porch. We can build a wheelchair ramp or add a wheelchair lift to your porch and entry to aid handicapped guests, people with limited mobility and young kids gain entry to your home easier. We can construct a simple design by wrapping a ramp around your house or using several landings to make a more complex ramp.

We will construct your wheelchair ramp with sufficient clearance for regular guests. Attach a metal lip to the end of your wheelchair ramp to help guests make a smooth transition toward your porch. We attach a piece of metal with a gradual grade that is the same width as your ramp to decrease effort by wheelchair users.

cRamp_mobile_home_patio_ramp_deck_5x300We Utilize the American with Disabilities Act guidelines for elevation as we build a wheelchair ramp for your porch. These guidelines dictate a standard of 1 inch in elevation for every 12 inches of ramp.

We avoid digging into your property by using concrete piers to keep your wheelchair ramp in place. These piers anchor your hand rails and posts without stripping any soil.

We can design your ramp with a series of metal hand rails throughout your ramp to help people reach your porch. Keeping these hand rails in place by screwing the base into the side of the ramp while anchoring the bottom into the ground.

We insert a wide landing between the beginning of your ramp and your porch entrance to help wheelchair users turn around comfortably without bumping into hand rails.

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